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STEAM Christmas projects for kids


Holiday STEAM: Christmas Projects for Kids

Think of decors, recipes, Christmas tree crafts, holiday science experiments, and tons of ornaments! We’ve listed below the 12 STEAM Christmas projects for kids to make their holiday fun and creative.

Gumdrop Engineering

From Lincoln Logs to Legos, the love of kids building their own structures stands the test of time. Using basic engineering coupled with creativity, kids can use this gumdrop engineering project to make their imaginations come to life while also improving dexterity and motor skills. In the past we have used blocks and clay to make structures. Why not some holiday-themed candy for this STEM activity? Gumdrops provide the perfect building block for this creative idea.

gumdrop engineering

Cookie Cutter Science

Did you know baking cookies is actually chemistry? Who knew that with all of the holiday baking, you are really doing a science experiment? A special chemical reaction occurs to give our cookies and other baked goods a little lift. While you’re baking cookies this holiday season, save the cookie cutters for a little science fun with baking soda, water and vinegar to see how these all react together! This is a super simple activity that can even include the smallest of kids.

cookie cutter science


Crystal Christmas Trees

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As parents and teachers, we know the awe and wonder at the crystal growing process never wains. Each crystal develops so uniquely that different crystal growing experiments are enjoyable to watch. Using engineering to build Christmas trees and chemistry to mix this reactionary solution, your kids will get a huge kick out of watching these holiday themed crystals grow!

crystal christmas tree

Christmas Catapults

At one point or another in our academic lives, many of us adults had to devise a catapult in physics class. As it turns out, all that fun is now paying off with the opportunity to guide our kids through this Physics riddled Christmas activity! Making a catapult is a great STEAM activity that uses math, engineering and science. It is a simple machine designed to use a lever. In the Christmas spirit, add red and green jumbo Popsicle sticks! My three-year-old enjoyed getting to experiment with launching different items.

christmas catapults

Melting Christmas Tree Experiment

What kid doesn’t like to put on their mad scientist hat and perform a magic chemistry experiment? This is a fun science experiment with a holiday twist. Combining chemistry and creativity, these fizzy eruptions can be made into any seasonal theme! We colored our baking soda green, formed trees with paper plates for Christmas and adding some solution, we watched this melting Christmas tree experiment unfold before our eyes!

melting christmas tree experiment

Crystal Science Candy Canes

This is a simple science experiment for kids to enjoy with a minimum amount of supplies. Growing crystals does take some time, but it is fun to watch the process begin soon after you add the hot water solution. Approaching Christmas, why not use pipe cleaners to make crystal candy canes! This is also a great opportunity to learn about suspension science (chemistry).

crystal candy canes

Gingerbread Man Salt Crystal Science

We have done several crystal projects using a borax solution, but it can be even simpler than that! We bet you already have exactly what you need for our growing salt crystals gingerbread man science project right in your kitchen! If you have some brown construction paper on hand, it makes for an easy gingerbread theme science activity! It is a simple activity to setup and complete. Note: The crystals will take a bit of time to grow.

gingerbread man salt crystal science

Candy Cane Shapes

Looking for an easy activity to setup for kids while you’re busy with a task? Do you have candy canes on hand? For this activity, that is about all you will need! With a few minutes in the oven, kids can shape melted candy canes into shapes they desire.

candy cane shapes

White Chocolate Christmas Bark

Looking for a dessert to bring to a holiday party that isn’t a cookie? Want to gift a neat dessert? Try this holiday white chocolate Christmas bark. It is very easy to make and will be sure to delight your guests or friends and family with your candy creativity!

white chocolate christmas bark

Candy Cane Cookie Cutter Ornaments

‘Tis the season for homemade gifts kids can make and there is certainly no shortage of people who are on your list. Why not incorporate a bit of leaning into gift making this season with a fun science lesson! This activity melts peppermint candy together in cookie cutters to make candy cane ornaments! This is an easy activity for young hands with items you may already have in your kitchen.

candy cane cookie cutter ornaments

Dissolving Candy Canes

If you are looking for a quick holiday science experiment to stop your kids’ brains from turning to mush on holiday break, look no further! In this quick and easy experiment, find out what happens when candy canes are immersed in different liquids. Which candy cane dissolves the fastest? You might be surprised to find out! Results do not take long in this experiment to find out.

dissolving candy canes

Rice Krispie Treats Trees

Who doesn’t love an ooey gooey Rice Krispie treat – child OR adult? Let’s be real – they are a scrumptious marshmallow treat that is always a surefire crowd-pleaser at any event. This time of year, there is no shortage of holiday events to attend and what better treat to bring that Rice Krispies Treat TREES!? It’s a great baking activity for all with an opportunity for the littler hands to help “decorate” the tree, practicing creativity and motor skills.

rice krispies treat trees

For more Christmas projects like this, check out our Holidays: Fun Crafts and Activities for Kids board on Pinterest!

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